Silveria, first of all is me, Katarzyna. The project has been created with a great dedication and organizational support of my husband. At work I am focused on a piece of jewelry that is adapted to the temperament of the customer and his/her preferences. That is why most of the work implement the individual orders.

My serious jewelry adventure began in 2007 when I participated in an organized jewelry workshop where I learned cold and hot silver processing. With the help of available literature and many experiments, I became acquainted with other materials and more advanced jewelry methods.

The joy of making jewelry forces me to continuous exploration and does not allow me to limit myself to one style or technique. I'm fascinated by the contrast and harmony at the same time. The challenge for me is to find the balance between an ornamental secession and a modern aesthetics. I try to make my jewelry to be a melange of different materials and techniques. I do not want other people to consider my pieces as a “mass product". I believe that, a person, who decides to wear it, will strongly feel the emotional effort I put into it during my work.

Gallery section reveals samples of my works. I try not to duplicate my designs, which gives the customer guarantee to have an individual jewelry.

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